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Green Star Award

Step 1

Company Info

Step 2



During Covid-19 lockdown was your production line affected? * Yes No
If yes what was the reduction in Percentage %

Reduction in Consumption

Reduction in water consumption in % over 1 year* %
Reduction in electricity consumption in % over 1 year* %

Reduction in Carbon FootPrint

Reduction in Carbon FootPrint in % over 1year* %

Green Building Certification

Possess LEED GBS from any International / Local entity* Yes No

Energy Audit and Retrofit Plan

Has Conducted an ASHRAE L1 Energy Audit* Yes No
Development of Retrofit Plan* Yes No
Completed Retrofit as per Plan* Yes No

Use of Solar Energy and District Cooling

Use of Alternate Renewable Energy for 5% or more of Electricity bill* Yes No
Connection to District Cooling if Provision avaliable* Yes No

Energy efficiency Training and Awareness

Energy efficiency training and awareness through (form, courses, sessions,...etc)* Yes No

Environmental Clearance by Dubai Municipality - Environment Department.

Valid DM Environmental Clearance Permit available* Yes No

Step 3

Required Documents
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